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Who am I?
Who am I? That the Lord of all the earth, Would care to know my name, Would care to feel my hurt.
Who am I? That the bright and morning star, Would choose to light the way, For my ever wandering heart.
I am a flower quickly fading, Here today and gone tomorrow, A wave tossed in the ocean, A vapor in the wind. Still you hear me when I'm calling, Lord, you catch me when I'm falling, And you've told me who I am. I am yours. I am yours.

by Casting Crowns



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Friday, November 24, 2006


He told me to do something else before doing whatever I'm supposed to be doing.
I didn't had a clue what it was until now.
Thank you for that "something else".

~11:48 pm

Warning: Not suitable for those who hate chemistry...

1. What do you call James Bond when he is standing alone?
Single bond!

2. What do you call James Bond when he is standing with his brother?
Double bond!

3. What do you call James Bond when he is standing with his brother and sister?
Triple bond!

4. What do you call 2 girls sharing a James Bond???
Covalent bond!

5. What do you call James Bond when he's electrocuted???
Ionic bond!

6. What do you call James Bond when he is robotisized???
Metallic bond!

Go figure!


Stole this from Sean Lim...LOL...

~5:28 pm

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

let me cry in peace. thank you.

~4:07 am

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Check out MATH!

This post is dedicated to those Singaporean kids or people studying in Singapore who feel like they're drowning in Mathematics due to the incessant demand from the Singapore Government and Ministry of Education. It is also dedicated to those who have gone through the fires of Mathematics and vowed never to look back at it again. This is also dedicated for the people who agree that Mathematics is one of the BEST subjects in this whole wide world (namely: Bong, Sean Lim, Sandy, and etc.).
This is for you to check at the irony and be encouraged to learn MORE Math.
Seriously...Math is good for you. Helps you calculate how to park your car, improves your spatial ability, gives you more room to put your thinking cap on, helps in receipts and tax, and especially for young people with limited spending ability (and those going dutch) to calculate how much to pay what when the food bill comes.

Math Learning & Unhappiness on 'homeschoolmath blog'

American students are much more confident about their math abilities than Singapore students, yet they do far worse: Even the least confident students in Singapore outscore the most confident students in America!

Cool yeah?

~3:45 am

Monday, November 13, 2006

Bryan Adams

I've been singing this song since I was in primary school. I remember using this song as one of my first dance choreography when Mdm Rashidah asked a group of us to perform a dance during a particular festival which I unfortunately can't remember. But after some reviews and whatnot this song was not used and a classical piece took its place.
But after that this song had been in my head, and I listened to it often immediately after I come back from morning school, while I'm eating lunch. I remember listening to everlasting love songs for one whole year everyday, especially on that purple colour CD that somehow went missing after the church musical "Find Yourself" (when Unchained Melody was used after the "Tutti Fruitti" dance).

Please forgive me - Bryan Adams

It still feels like our first night together
Feels like the first kiss and
It's gettin' better baby
No one can better this
I'm still hold on and you're still the one
The first time our eyes met it's the same feelin' I get
Only feels much stronger and I wanna love ya longer
You still turn the fire on

So If you're feelin' lonely.. don't
You're the only one I'd ever want
I only wanna make it good
So if I love ya a little more than I should

Please forgive me I know not what I do
Please forgive me I can't stop lovin' you
Don't deny me

This pain I'm going through
Please forgive me
If I need ya like I do
Please believe me
Every word I say is true
Please forgive me I can't stop loving you
Still feels like our best times are together
Feels like the first touch

We're still gettin' closer baby
Can't get close enough I'm still holdin' on
You're still number one I remember the smell of your skin
I remember everything
I remember all your moves
I remember you
I remember the nights ya know I still do

One thing I'm sure of
Is the way we make love
And the one thing I depend on
Is for us to stay strong
With every word and every breath I'm prayin'
That's why I'm sayin'...


PS: Jie...get well soon!

~2:50 am

Monday, November 06, 2006

Clown husband

Sister! This person will be your future husband!

~6:21 pm

Sunday, November 05, 2006

TEE Timetable 2006 A.D

Monday: Applicable Mathematics
Wednesday: Economics
Thursday: English

Friday: Biology

God help!

~7:56 pm

Lie detector eyeglasses perfected: Civilization collapses.
- Richard Powers

I personally like this quote. Not that I'm a cynic, jaded or depressed person...but because to a certain one has to admit that civilization is planted on lies that are evoluting within the court house, society and family.

You don't really have to look far in order to see those lies. Here are a few steps to follow just to have a glimpse of it:
1) Face a mirror.
2) Take a glance at your reflected eyes.
3) Stare at the surroundings around your own reflection.
4) Think.

A huge revelation will fall upon you.

~2:14 am

Saturday, November 04, 2006

can someone teach me how to imagine again?

~6:53 am

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I hate blogspot

Can I say that I hate blogspot? It's giving me some beautific problems at the moment.
For me to pour out my stress, I guess it's not enough.
Man...I'm pouring my stress into writing a musical. Already have two scenes up with a song composed. Seems like having stress is doing good for my imagination and inspiration. But I guess, the higher my stress levels are, the more my imagination runs because I need somewhere to escape. At the same time, I'm not concentrating on what I'm supposed to concentrate on. Oh help me...
Feel like cursing...
Nah, I shan't.

I miss the Doxology.

~1:01 am